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ALAS Group donates clothing to school children in Nepal

March 29, 2021.

In connection with the religious festival of Holi, ALAS Group gave a small contribution to the colourful festivities, by showing support to a local school in Kathmandu, Nepal. The Group has previously donated items to developing countries, namely to draw attention to education and the importance of proper schooling.

“As a global corporation, it’s important we take part in supporting the continuous improvements in our society, building a proper platform for our young ones to grow and develop their skills.” said company spokesperson Mr. Manarup Shahi.

“Our donation will hopefully draw more attention to education, social equality and our responsibilities as global citizens to invest in education and quality of schooling.“ he continued.

In a following speech, School Committee Chairman Mr. Radheshyam Khadka thanked Mr. Dustin Paul Wilden, Chairman of ALAS Group, including the Group's spokesperson Mr. Manarup Shahi for the company’s kind support and contribution to the school and its students.

School Principal Mr. Ganesh Chand also expressed his gratitude, especially thanking Mr. Dustin Paul Wilden and all the team members from ALAS Group for the Group's educational support in Nepal.

Gandhi Adarsh Secondary School is situated in Kadaghari, Kathmandu. The school was established in 1953 under the ideology and ideals of Mahatma Gandhi. About 80% of the students are from lower class families.

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