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ALAS Group expanding its presence in Southern Africa

October 25th, 2021.

We are pleased to welcome Shelton Nkomo from Zimbabwe to our Southern African team. Shelton, who is based in Botswana, will be part of our Southern African team expanding our growing presence in the region, taking on the position as the new CEO for the SADC region.

A young man of age 30, he has embraced himself as a lifelong learner, consistently investing in personal development, which has seen him undertaking various leadership programs, thus arming him as an active asset to the vision and mandate of this organisation.

Shelton strongly believes that the leadership, interpersonal and operational efficiency skills that he has gained together with the mentorship of ALAS GROUP executives and staff members, will be pivotal in seeing the establishment and propagation of ALAS GROUP'S FOOTPRINT in the Southern African region.

"Our highly dedicated team in the south is ready for the next phase of ALAS Group's transformation, along with our fantastic colleagues around the world. To navigate through a challenging market outlook, support our customers, and societies; our highly competent team brings increased diversity of thought, age, gender and nationality. I look forward to building on the momentum gained and delivering positive impacts to the SADC region." - Shelton Nkomo.

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