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Group Chairman Visits Washington D.C.

September 23rd, 2022.

ALAS Group Chairman Mr. Dustin Paul Wilden recently visited North America together with the Prime Minister of Denmark to promote the nations aerospace and defence industry.

"I'm honored and happy to have been invited on this special trip as a representative to the aerospace and defence industry and as a member of the leading advisory boards to the government and the industry as well." He said during an interview to the media.

"It's important to maintain the great relationship we have with our American stakeholders and partners and strengthen the bilateral transatlantic cooperation between our governments and our respective nations." He continued.

On his trip to North America he visited Lockheed Martin's facility in Washington D.C. together with the Prime Minister of Denmark. Here he had the chance to show off his pilot skills and demonstrate the capabilities of the new F-35 Joint Strike Fighter simulator in front of a group of VIPs, including the Prime Minister of Denmark, Lockheed Martin CEO Mr. Jim Taiclet and U.S. government officials and representatives.

To view the Chairman's visit to the F-35 simulator, please visit: direct link to media...

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