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Executive Visit To Botswana And The Southern African Region

April 19th, 2022.

The Group Chairman of the ALAS Group Corporation, Mr. Dustin Paul Wilden, visited Botswana on an official executive visit where he met with key government officials and other local stakeholders, to discuss and deliberate on the future of the economy of Botswana and the establishment of ALAS Group in Southern Africa.

During his visit to Botswana, Mr. Dustin Paul Wilden together with his Southern African delegation, met and conferred with the Minister of Environment, Natural Resources Conservation and Tourism, the Minister of Transport and Communications, and other key stakeholders, where they deliberated on the current situation of the aviation and tourism sectors in the country, including sustainable solutions that can be effected to see a total turnaround and recovery of the aviation and tourism industry in Botswana.

In conference and exchange with local stakeholders and government Ministries, ALAS Group tendered a proposition to establish an interrelated consortium, a strategy that is aimed at capitalising on the international tourism market, by promoting and growing the local tourism portfolio. Botswana is considered a prime global tourist destination and the establishment of a consortium will open avenues for local and international stakeholders to partner towards the resuscitation and perpetuation of the highly potential aviation and tourism sectors.

To support the consortium initiative, ALAS Group signed an MoU (Memorandum of Understanding), with Ms. Wapula Matshambane of Footprints Africa Safaris, a partnership designed to create a platform for the tourism sector to revive and develop.
Furthermore, during his executive visit to Botswana, the Group Chairman Mr. Dustin Paul Wilden, gave a speech at a press conference in Gaborone, addressing the nation of Botswana and the Southern African region, highlighting the interest for bilateral and multilateral corporation. "What we have done so far here in Botswana, is scratching the surface to see if there is an interest from the local stakeholders, including the government and the aviation industry. During my stay, I’ve had the opportunity to talk to many people from various industries, which Included topics on how to strengthen the economic situation in Botswana and Southern Africa, and how ALAS Group can be an active player in reviving the aviation and tourism Industry" expressed Mr. Dustin Paul Wilden during his speech.

Overseeing the operations of ALAS Group in Southern Africa, is Mr. Shelton Nkomo, who is also the Group's Public Relations Consultant. "We are delighted to have expanded our global operations network into Southern Africa, and after careful considerations, we are confident in the gross potential of Botswana and Southern Africa, and we are convinced that the tendered initiatives, will strengthen the commercial aspect of our businesses" said Mr. Shelton Nkomo.

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