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Our corporation is built on a network of long-lasting partnerships.

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Shaping Opportunities for The Future

ALAS Group

A strong and visible global corporation

The world is more connected economically, politically and socially than ever before. Successfully penetrating foreign markets in a globalized world, requires building positive relationships with stakeholders from various countries, adapting to specific cultures and subsequently drawing upon those relationships to create opportunities for the advancement of the Group and our clients. To negotiate these delicate outreach efforts, ALAS Group employs experienced and erudite diplomats who understand the key aspects of global corporate relations, which can be used to facilitate our clients successful expansion, both bilateral and multilateral.

Dustin Paul Wilden
Chairman of the Group

ALAS Group

A reliable corporate brand

ALAS Group has set a strong footprint across the globe. Working in areas like aviation, renewable energy, global consulting and financing, has built a solid foundation for the Group, providing our customers with the best service imaginable, complementing our global expertise across the Group's industrial branches. Working as government advisors, shows the enormous trust and great responsibility we have as a Group and as a brand. We provide an array of global services, which enables us to offer the best advice to meet our clients needs no matter where they are, ensuring a sustainable outcome in all our business areas, both financially and environmentally.

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